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For several years we lumped every holster/ammo pouch combo under the “Field & Stream” moniker. The Field & Stream is meant as an outdoorsman’s holster mag pouch combo. placing the spare mag for a .22 auto on the strong/ wrong side for a speedy tactical reload, but handy for carry in the field.
I started experimenting with offside carry for a second gun. a pair of 1911 Commanders and a spare magazine is a common way for me to carry. I started experimenting with 2″ Js and 2″ K frames, particularly the airweight Model 12. with a spare auto mag in front week/left side. It’s is SUPERB!  I started carrying a pair of K frames and a quick strip in the magazine pouch, this worked well. the natural progression was to a strip and then a speed loader on the strong side for a proper fast revolver reload.



 The Boomer- Leather Concealment Holster – FOR SMALL FRAMED REVOLVERS

 Pancake, leather concealment holster, designed to carry a compact revolver and a reload either a round speed loader or a Quick Strip. (see drop down list for “Gun Model”). It is not for large frame revolvers. If you don’t see you revolver in the drop down menu, it’s probably a medium or large frame revolver.  That will be in the Sourdough Pancake menu.

  • Designed to be worn strong side or weak side for a back up gun and reload
  • Bottom of holster is open to allow grit, fuzz, water, etc. to pass through
  • Made with 2 belt slots, 1.75″ wide
  • Can be worn inside the waistband or outside the waistband
  • For deeper concealment & quick on off convenience, get the bolt on “Inside The Waistband Straps.”
  • Retention is provided by the molding of the leather and stitching
  • Leather encases gun to give it full protection
  • Available in tan, oxblood and black



The progression of the Field & Stream to the Boomer they are alternatives for folks that carry more than one pistol.

Original Field & Stream PMR 30 w/ Spare mag
Oleg Volk photo


carry a IWB back up revolver and a spare magazine for your primary auto
The Boomer is born strong side Colt King Cobra and Speed Loader




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