Andrew Aquino

Good evening, Both of the holsters I have received from you have been excellent and formed exactly requiring no fitment on my part. They are a great value for what you get and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for making a great product and providing excellent customer service. Respectfully, Travis J Montgomery Just sending you guys some love. I’m very happy with my 365 holster. Best,

Dave Frost

This is my favorite OWB holster for S&W J-frames. It fits the handgun and my belt perfectly with the belt slots arranged so that this aids in reaching the spare ammunition strip, as well as the revolver. This is a beautifully finished holster and strip pouch that is well-designed and fit just snugly enough to give a feeling of security without straps and snaps. I am thoroughly impressed. This is my first Simply Rugged holster. IT will not be my last. Thank you for an excellent product.


Just got the holster I ordered and I just wanted to say that it fits perfectly. Thank you sir for producing an excellent product at a reasonable price! I just received my third Sourdough Pancake holster a tan model for a Ruger Super Blackhawk with 3.75 inch barrel the quality and fit are great. My other holsters showed the same attention to detail and quality leather. Simply Rugged gives a lot of quality for a reasonable price.

Duncan T

Hi Rob, I just received the Cattleman holster I had purchased for my Model 66-8 revolver. I’ve recently retired after about 30 years in law enforcement and in my basement I have a plastic bin filled with some of the many holsters I’ve purchased over time. Yours is simply the best leather holster I have ever owned. The craftsmanship is outstanding and you are a true artisan. The holster and matching ammo pouch you created will never make it into that bin. All the best to you. Duncan T


Rob, Just received and perfect fit for the G26. Thanks for the quick delivery and great finished product. Regards, Ed

Ron M.

Hey Rob – I got the holster you made for my Ruger Super Red Hawk Toklat .454 Casull revolver. I am very pleased with the look, construction, just everything. Good job!! I also got the Chesty Puller Harness. This seems like a good way to carry a large pistol like the Super Red Hawk. I’ve never used anything like this harness before but it looks like a good idea and I’ll sure give it a shot. The ease with which it can be pulled on and off is a big plus too. Ron M. Jackson, TN


Hello, I received my new holster yesterday and I must say I am impressed! I have always bought cheap holsters in the past but I had just bought a 4 inch SP101 and was having trouble finding a holster for it because of the fiber optic front sight. I saw a review of my revolver on Gunblast.com and he was using one of your Cattleman holsters. I’m so glad I saw that and so glad I ordered this holster. It’s a perfect fit for my gun and it’s one of the most beautiful leather pieces I’m ever laid my eyes on! Simply Rugged is also Simply Gorgeous!! To say I LOVE this holster and what it does for my revolver is an understatement! You have a customer for life and I will be ordering more in the future for my other handguns. My 1911 is next! WORTH EVERY PENNY!! No more cheap junk for me! Thank you SO MUCH! Rick Customer for life!

Rocky R

Rob, Since I received the Cuda for my .45 Kimber, I’ve worn it every day, all day. It’s by far, the most comfortable, practical holster I’ve had (and worn) for my 1911’s. Thanks for another gret product. Rocky R


Just received my order this morning: pan-cake holster with the belt and ammo pouch, all in ox-blood. What a package! The quality is superb! I’ve had a few holsters, but this one is definitely the best I’ve owned. It fits my Ruger GP100 4″ like a glove. Highly recommend to anyone. Thank you, Rob! Laz from Aussieland.

Blake B.

I received my sourdough pancake holster and I love it. It is by far the nicest holster I have ever owned. No more generic holsters for me. Blake B.

Rocky R

Rob, Got both my holsters — Sourdough Pancake and Chesty Puller for my Ruger Blackhawk and for my J-frame S&W. Everything is well made, looks great and fits the weapons and me just perfect. The belt I ordered fits! Goes all the way around me and buckles. Thanks for the advice about leaving it 2″ longer. I am a well satisfied customer, Rocky R

Marty B

Hi, Rob Just got my Sourdough Pancake Holster for my S&W 686 Plus with 4″ barrel. The gun fit like a glove. It rides with just the grips above the waist band and the grips hug the body. Even with a thin but long T-shirt on, you can’t even tell it’s there. It’s very comfortable even when sitting. The quality is excellent. I will definitely recommend this to friends. It is the best way to conceal a large revolver. Thanx, Marty B

Hi Rob,
I’m just back from the S&W UC media day that Jason put together, and wanted to thank you for your support. The holsters you made were well received and very appreciated! The crowd really seemed to like them. I’ll be sure to include it in a writeup at RevolverGuy.com
 More to follow!