Gun List


How to measure a gun’s barrel length:

For revolvers, measure from the front of the cylinder to the end of the muzzle:


For autos, it is measured from the breach face to the muzzle:

If you are ordering a holster for your Taurus Judge, we need to know the chamber length in addition to barrel length, specifically whether you have a 2-1/2″ or 3″ chambered gun. If you don’t tell us the right measurement, or just state “The Judge” or 3″ Judge, you may not get the holster that you expected. Please measure your gun properly, and e-mail with any questions before you order.

Gun holster fit chart:

If you don’t see your gun or particular model here, send an e-mail before you order; there are too many models to list them all. The “x” denotes that we make the particular holster for that gun. Click on the “x” for more information on the holster model. This is NOT a holster fit chart. We make each model and barrel length and the holsters are not “one size fits all.”

Double Action RevolversHolsters Available
2.5-4″ Redhawk & Super Redhawk,240, Eldorado Sourdough, Cattleman, tribute 120
4″, 5.5″, 7.5″, 9.5″ Redhawk & Super Redhawk “Toklat”Cattleman, 120,All American,Eldorado Flap Jack, Texas
Charter Arms Undercover, Off Duty, Bulldog, Pug, Target Bulldog, ProfessionalEldorado, Silver Dollar, , Pocket Pro,
Colt Detective Special, Police Positive Special, new Cobra King CobraCattleman,Silver Dollar, Pocket Pro,
Dan Wesson Medium and Standard .44 frames 445 and 357 Max stretched framesCattleman, Sourdough, 120, All American,Flap Jack,Eldorado Texas
HENRY BIG BOY REVOLVERCattleman,Sourdough, Eldorado, Tribute
Kimber K6 2", 3"& 4"Silver Dollar , Eldorado Pocket Protector
Rossi/Braztec 421, 422, 420Cattleman, Silver Dollar, Pocket Protector, Eldorado
Ruger LCR, Ruger SP101, (2,3, & 4″) LCR with Laser LCRxCattleman, Silver Dollar, Pocket Pro, Texas
Service, Speed and Security Six, GP100, & Match Champion, Super Redhawk ALASKAN, Redhawks and Super RedhawksCattleman, Sourdough,120,All American, Flap Jack, Texas, Eldorado, 240
Korth Mongoose 3" & 4"Cattleman, Sourdough, Flap Jack, Texas, 250 tribute
S&W J, & I frames M- 31, 32, 34, 36, 37 38, 40, 42 442,642 640, etc 5″ J (every J frame Most I frames)Cattleman, Silver Dollar, Pocket Pro,
S&W K, L, N and X frames Including Custom Shop GOVERNOR the 686+ is an L frame M69 (Every K L N or X frame) including the new 350 legend X frameCattleman, Sourdough, All American, Flap Jack, Texas, Eldorado
Taurus 85, 605, 650, 651, 94,941 etc NO Plastic 38sSilver Dollar, Pocket Pro, Eldorado
Taurus Judge 2″ Public Defender
Plastic Public Defender
Cattleman, Sourdough, Texas
Taurus Judge 3″, 4″ & 6.5″ versions 2.5 or 3″,Magnum version, Raging Judge 3 & 6″Cattleman, Sourdough, Loaded All American, Texas
Taurus Tracker, M65, 66 etc 44 mag, Raging Bull M444 446Cattleman, Sourdough, All American, Flap Jack, Texas
Colt Official Police Officer's Model, Trooper, Python, King Cobra, New Service, Anaconda, LawmanCattleman, Sourdough, 120, Eldorado , Flap Jack, Texas
Single Action RevolversHolsters Available
Colt Single Action Army and New FrontierCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Colt Copies, Taurus, Beretta, Uberti EEA Bounty
Hunter, Cattleman, etc
Freedom Arms 97 & 83
Cattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Freedom Arms 83 & 97sCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Herters, Erma WorksCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
North American Arms, Charter Arms and Freedom Arms mini revolversCattleman, Silver Dollar, 120, Pocket Pro
Old model Blackhawks and New Vaqueros Flat Top BlackhawksCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
1890 and 1875 REMINGTON SACattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Ruger Bearcat, Shop keepersCattleman, Silver Dollar, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas
Ruger Blackhawk, Vaquero, Bisley, Super BlackhawksCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Ruger Single Six Single Six Bisley, HunterCattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Seville, El Dorado and Mossberg, Virginia DragoonCattleman, Sourdough, 120, Flap Jack, Texas Eldorado
Single actions 3″, 3.5″, 4″Loaded,120
USFACattleman, Sourdough, Loaded, 120, All American, Flap Jack, Eldorado
Cap n' Ball RevolversHolsters Available
T/C Condtender 10"Scoped Chest Holster/ Cattleman
Colt 1851 Navy 1860 ArmyCattleman, Sourdough, 120, All American, Eldorado
Colt Walker 1831 Pocket PoliceCattleman, Sourdough, 120, All American, Eldorado
1858 RemingtonCattleman, Sourdough, 120, All American, Eldorado
Ruger Old ArmyCattleman, Sourdough, 120, All American, Eldorado
Auto Loaders
All lengths of 1911 MUST state if Ambi safetyCattleman, Cuda, CID, Cumberland, DEFCON, Field & Stream , Shootist
AMT Auto Mag And Auto Mag II .22 mag, AMT BACKUP 45Cuda, Scout
Nano, APX M72, M21A, Tomcat, 84,BDX, 80X,Cuda, Cumberland Pocket Protector
Beretta 4x Storm 9mm/.40S&W/45ACP & compact
92 A1 Cougar Beretta M-92 (M-9)Centurion, Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical
Cuda, DEFCON, 240, Range Master
Bersa Thunder 380, DIAMOND BACK 380Cuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON,
Bond Arms Snake Slayer 45/410 Derringer with trigger guardCuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON,
Browning Buckmark .22/380Field & Stream, Scout
Browning Hi-PowerCattleman, Cuda, CID, Cumberland, DEFCON, Shootist
Browning mini 1911 .22LR & .380Cuda, Cumberland, Field & Stream
Colt 1903 GM380 Pocket lite Mustang,Pocket Auto 32 & 380, Kimber SOLO Mustang XSPCuda, CID, Pocket Pro, DEFCON
Colt 1911, Officer's ACP, Commander, Government Model, etcCattleman, Cuda, CID, Cumberland, DEFCON,
Coonan Arms .357 magCuda, CID, Cumberland, DEFCON
CZ 75, P-01. P-06 CZ100Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
CZ-75,CZ 75C, SP-01 P-07 P-09 P97 PC10 CZ/Dan Wesson DWXCattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
CZ 82 and 83Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
Desert Eagle, Micro 380Cuda, DEFCON
Diamondback 380, Honor Guard 9mmCuda, Pocket Pro, 120, DEFCON,
Double Tap Derringer BullpupCuda, Pocket Pro
EAA Witness 9mmCuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
FN 9, 40, 45 & Five-seven FNXCuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
All models of GlocksCattleman, Cuda, CID, DEFCON, Field & Stream
H&K USP45 H/K P-30 H.K 2000C H/K45 MK23 and P7 PSP VP9 VP40Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
Israeli GolaniCuda, DEFCON3 Cumberland
All Kahr models with or without CTCuda, DEFCON
Kel-Tec .32 and .380s, Kel-tec 9mmCuda, Pocket Pro, DEFCON
Kel-Tec PMR-30 KEL TEC P17Cattleman, Cuda, CID, Scout, Cumberland, DEFCON, Field & Stream
Para Ordnance, Kimber, Wilson, Springfield, Taurus & almost all other 1911s SIG ,etcCattleman, Cuda, CID, Pocket Pro (Officer's),Cumberland, DEFCON, Shootist
Polish P-64 Radom 9×18, Luger. P-38, MakorovCuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON
Rohrbaugh R9S Remington 380 Cuda, C
Glock 17/22, 19/23/32, 20/21, 26/27, 29/30 & 36 & 34w/ct G41 &G42 & G43 G40Cattleman, Cuda, CID, Pocket Pro (26/27/34), Cumberland, DEFCON, ID, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON
Ruger .22 Target and Standard Models, 22/45 (High Standard Sport King)Scout, Field & Stream
Ruger 345, SR9, SR-40 SR9C SR45, American, Security 9, SECURITY 380, SR40c SR22Cattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
Ruger LC9 CT, LC9 Lasermax, Max 9Cuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON
Ruger LCP, LCP w/CT or Lasermax LCP II LCP MAXCuda, Pocket Pro, DEFCON, CID
Ruger P series P-85-89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, etcCuda, Cumberland
S&W 422/622/2206Cuda, EXPLORER
S&W 645, 4506, 4586, 457, 1006, 1076 (Large frame S&W Autos)Cuda, DEFCON
S&W 39,59, 3915, 5906 & similarCuda, DEFCON
S&W M&P Compact 9mm & .40 & Shield bodyguard 380 w/laserCattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
S&W M&P .45 ACP & 10mmCuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
All S&W M&Ps & Shield w/ct/lm Shield EZ, Shield + , CSX 5.7Pocket Pro, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
S&W /WALTHER –P99 9mm & 40 & 45Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
SIG 220 220c, 224, 225 226 228 229 239 238 938Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
SIG 220,224 225,226, 227,228/229 & Rail models 230 & 232Cattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
SIG 220 compact SIG 2022, SIG MosquitoCattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
SIG 238, 938, 365, 365XL 365x-MacroCattleman, Cuda, Pocket Pro, 120
SIG 250 & 320 all sizesCattleman, Cuda, CID, Cumberland
Skyy/SCCY 9mmCuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON
Springfield EMP, EMP 4" , Hellcat, EchelonCuda, Pocket Pro
Springfield XD .45 4" and 5" 4" Compact, XDsCattleman, Cuda, Cumberland
All Springfield XDs and XDm XDsw/ct/lm, EchelonCuda, Tribute, Cumberland, DEFCON
Springfield XD and XDm 9, 40 Compact & Full size
Springfield XDM 3.8 & full sizeXDM
Cattleman, Cuda, Cumberland, DEFCON
Taurus 24/7, PT-111 MillineumCuda,
Taurus 709 Slim, 738 G2C, G3, GX4Cuda, Pocket Pro,
Steyr M1ACuda, Cumberland
Walther P22 PK380 PPS VP-9 PPQCuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON
Walther P-38/P-1Cuda,
Walther PPK/s, PP, PPK PPS and PPQ, PDPCuda, Pocket Pro, Cumberland, DEFCON