Vertical Strip Pouch .38 or .44 - FOR REVOLVERS

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Vertical Strip Pouch .38 or .44 - FOR REVOLVERS
Product Details

This is awesome in it's simplicity and usefulness! Holds one Quick Strip loaded!

  • Flat and concealable
  • One Pouch fits many different calibers
  • Narrow profile takes up less room on the belt
  • Tooling options are available to match your holster and belt
  • flat design makes them very concealable
  • Discrete, handy, affordable and ...VERSATILE

The best way to carry spare ammo on the street or in the field. This deceptively simple cartridge pouch wraps around your belt. Designed to carry either Speed or Quick Strips, it is a simple, secure, and fast reload. This is designed for standard length pistol cartridges .32 cal, .38, .357, .41, .44 special, .44 magnum, 45 Colt . We recommend this for double action revolvers.

During most of the 20th century Policemen carried their spare ammo in loops, loose in their pocket, or in vertical or horizontal "dump" pouches. They literally dumped all their spare ammo in their hand, then they would spend time sorting and loading ammo. General John Bianchi, himself a young policeman in the early sixties, saw a better way: speed loaders!

Alas, many LE Chiefs were more concerned with uniformity than officer survival. John had to figure out away to fit loaders in his regulation dump pouch. At first the clips or strips, made of metal and later from injection molded plastic. The Speed Strip was a revelation; flat and easier to carry and or conceal. It also allowed for all of one's ammo to be connected in one strip, making it far easier to effect a reload under pressure. and most importantly allowed for a quick 2x2x2 reload for one's six shooter.

Tuff Products founder worked at Bianchi and got tired of fielding the calls for a .44 or .45 caliber Speed Strips. He formed his own company, Tuff Products. Tuff Products produces the first .44/.45 and many other Quick Strips. It was such a good idea, that Bianchi International now offers .44/.45 speed strips. Go with either brand they work and a little practice goes a long way to making your reloads quick and positive.

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