Sidewinder Speedloader/ Moon Clip Pouch

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I absolutely love the speed loader pouch that I got from you at the Revolver Roundup!

Ken C

Sidewinder Speed Loader pouch.

Marty Hays brought me this design a couple years ago. I was a bit skeptical at first. I went ahead and made several and have been wearing and training with these for over a year now. They flat out work! I can carry moon clips, HKS, Safariland ( including comp 2s& 3s) Pachmeyr, Five Star speed loaders. This is the best way I have found to carry the little LCR and J frame 9mm & .38 spl moon clips.

N frame fits HKS M29, 57, 27, Safariland Comp I size 2 and 5 Star & SPEED BEES for the 8x38

L frame GP100, fits Pythons Troopers "M3" and the 6x7 round 586 and 587 and CA44 HKS loaders as well at Safariland Comp II size 5 &

Comp III Size 7 Loaders as well as most 45 ACP Moon clips and .40 S&W/10mm moon clips.

Our K frame model fits HKS & and Safariland Comp II K frame Speed Loaders size 5

& Comp II size 8

Our J frame model fits HKS36 Most LCR and J frame 5x moon clips and Safariland's Comp I size 1 loaders.

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