Rugged Wallet - Bifold Leather Wallet

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Rugged Wallet - Bifold Leather Wallet
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These fine, handcrafted wallets are made by us here in the shop. Designed and built to last a lifetime.

Sewn in the shop with waxed polyester thread. Two card pockets can hold up to five cards a piece. Over time, as the leather breaks in, you might be able to fit even more.

Full grain leather is the only option for Simply Rugged. This is the best type of leather money can buy, and it's for good reason. All of the markings from the steer's life show up in the wallet you receive. Brands, bug bites, brushes against other members of the herd, and marks from barbed wire fences all come through in the finished product.

This wallet comes in these color choices: Tan and Black.