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No Drill Sling (The Bare Mount) - This is the newest version of the No Drill pictured in Denny Hansen's Guns magazine article. You can buy just the cuff, that eliminates all the bulky, noisy Velcro, or the Bear Mount and sling.

If you have a old style lever action or other rifle, or shotgun or muzzle loader that is bare or sling swivel studs, we have a mount for you. Our No Drill Sling adapts these guns that are bare, to a weapon that can be carried on a sling. Available in tan only.

Cartridge Cuff

$90.00 in tan only with the Bear Mount

Made for up to 10 pistol or 6 rifle cartridges. Made for most all straight comb rifles available. Winchester, Marlin, Henry, Savage, and many more. Include your gun model, caliber and the amount of loops required. For the cuff, we need to know right of left hand.

Available for 32, 38/357, 41 44-40, 44 spl /mag, 45 Colt /545, 480/475, 500, 30-30,35 rem, 375 Win, 444, 45-70 or 308 & 30-06 family of cartridges, as well as, magnum rifle cartridges also available for the 475 Turnbull. Best fit is for classic straight combed rifle stocks.

We also make a Savage 24/42 model for 5 X .410 and a 10 x .22 pouch with a quick strip.

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