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Cumberland - Leather Concealed Carry Holster

  • Reinforced mouth
  • Tuckable
  • Metal clips to secure holster to belt
  • Metal clips can be reversed for outside the waistband (OWB) carry
  • Deep concealment inside-the-waistband
  • Open bottom for grit, fuzz and water to pass through
  • Can be made right or left handed
  • Only available in Tan

This holster has a reinforced mouth and can be worn inside the waist band or on the belt. It offers a very quick to put on the gun, and is far superior to any paddle holster in concealment and retention. The gun rides low, but you have enough room to acquire a firing grip on the gun during the draw. One shouldn't have to fish the gun out and reposition the hand at a critical moment. The pancake design is comfortable & comforting. It pulls the butt of the gun into your side for better concealment. Our pancakes are designed to make holstering the gun easy, IWB or on the belt. The reinforced mouth just makes it more secure for those of us that snug their belt up real tight.

Regardless of the maker; 1911's generally fall into these lengths: 5" is a Government Model (GM), 4.25" is Commander length, 3.5" Officer's ACP, 3" barrel is an Agent length. Kimber makes a 4" Pro Carry and there other exceptions. You will need to use our Contact Page for further questions.

This holster is only available in tan.
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