Chesty Puller Suspension System

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THIS is NOT a Holster. It is a Suspension system. It requires a Pancake holster.

We came up with the idea for this while fishing on the Russian River in Alaska. We were working our way back to our truck, fishing a few likely spots. A brown Bear (Kodiak for the Hollywood types) with the proverbial head, as big as a wash tub, decided to cross the forty foot wide river and check out the stringer. While reaching down inside neoprene waders for the .44 mag Mountain Gun, the idea came about! The gun & holster should be up where it can be reached easier! Thus, the Chesty Puller Straps, named in honor of one of our nation's most highly decorated and truly heroic Marines, General Chesty Puller came about. The bear? Fortunately, when he was about halfway across the river, another group of fishermen showed up. With all of us standing there, Mr. Bear decided he should be someplace else. Since then we have found this chest harness to be very handy while wearing chest waders or a back pack, or worn with life jackets while boating, and worn under a coat in the winter in Alaska. It is a rugged, comfortable, versatile, adjunct to your pancake holster. What it is not, is a James Bond or Dirty Harry style of concealment shoulder holster. This is a set of straps to suspend one of our Pancake holsters on you chest.

The straps connect through the belt slots on your pancake holster (3 SLOTS REQUIRED). We strive to make this as simple and rugged as possible, while still making it comfortable to wear and use for weeks at a time. Strap that loops around your belt is included.

We make this item to fit a wide range of folks from 5'6" and 130 pounds to 6'3" and 325 lbs., 64" chest is the widest. If you need more strap length, you can add on the 15" extension.

IMPROVED: Easier to connect with the 3rd belt slot tab. A.K.A. Chesty Straps or CPS. Made from oil tanned, oxblood colored harness leather, or black this strap system allows you to convert your Pancake hip holster to a chest rig. (Holster not included). several years ago we strengthened and simplified the bottom strap on the weak hand side by eliminating the full tab. Getting rid of this extra rivet point REALLY makes the entire harness stronger. It has twp hard action snaps and the belt strap is positioned over the this point as close to the holster as possible.

With the Conventional Adapter you can attach your conventional holster to our Chesty Puller System. This is ambidextrous.

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