Cartridge Cuff With padded cheek riser

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We have had many requests for a cheek riser version here it is. Some garment leather over a custom closed cell rubber check rest.

Made for up to 10 pistol or 6 rifle or shot gun cartridges.
Available for 32, 38/357, 41 44-40, 44 spl /mag, 45 Colt /545, 480/475, 500, 30-30,35 rem, 375 Win, 444, 45-70 or 308 & 30-06 family of cartridges, as well as, magnum rifle cartridges also available for the 475 Turnbull. Best fit is for classic straight combed rifle stocks.
We also make a Savage 24/42 model for 5 X .410 and a 10 x .22 pouch with a quick strip.

A story about Rob's Savage Rifle:
When I was 15, My brother gave me an old Savage .410/.22LR he literary ran into while scuba diving in a small lake in California. I loved it. It was perfect for the mixed bag of small game available to me in Northern AZ. I shot jack rabbits, cottontails, dove and quail with it. Once I was greatly tempted to shoot a big muley buck that I had walked up to on a windy morning. I had a home made buck and ball load in the pipe, but chose to watch him for a second, enjoying our proximity. He was startled, and took a second to gather his wits, before he flexed his muscular frame and stoded away, down a wash about 20 feet below us.

One of the things I didn't like about my .410 /.22lr was reloading. I carried loose .22's in my front pocket and .410 in a bag around my neck. I had asked my mom to make one, after I saw Jack Elam carry his ammo that way in Rio Lobo. It worked great for .410 shells. Always wanting a better way, I finally made this style of cartridge cuff that held a few .410 and 10 .22LRs in a Quick Strip...

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