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About Simply Rugged Gun Holsters

After experiencing the difficulty in finding a holster to fit S&W N Frames (Rob's favorite revolver), he decided to invent his own way to carry a large revolver.  Using design elements from Roy Baker's excellent Hidden Thunder Pancake design, Rob made his to cover more of the gun, simplified it and eliminated the thumb break.  Finally, Rob made the leather holster from thicker, high quality leather.  A comfortable design to help support guns from large to small, whether worn inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-wasitband (OWB).  Your gun will be held firmly between two pieces of leather.  Our wide set belt slots hold the firearm in close to your body and apply tension to the gun. This is a very stable design concept; the gun rides with your body, it becomes part of you, and does not flop around. These features provide good retention and concealment, which causes less fatigue for the user.

Simply Rugged began, as a company, in 2004 in our kitchen and living room after making a move to Alaska that same year.  Rob turned a hobby into a practical, competitively priced, marketable product with the help of his family and friends.  After a very successful season of making holsters in our small living space, the operation was moved into a 10' X 12' building in our very small Alaskan backyard, complete with moose traveling through.  We soon outgrew that space and the business became housed in our two car garage.  We then decided to seek a warmer climate in 2009 and moved back to the southwest and relocated to the Prescott area.  Our shop is now housed in a 1600 sq. ft. building, located in Yavapai County Arizona.  We now employ four to eight people to help us turn out high, quality leather gun holsters, leather gun belts, and leather gun accessories. 

Simply Rugged uses full grain cowhide from Hermann Oak to build our leather holsters and leather accessories. The thread we use is a heavy duty nylon it won't rot over time. Our leather holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold the gun in place whether you are riding horse back, on your ATV, snow machine, fly fishing or hiking on a trail through the woods. Our leather holsters will surpass the “One G test” of combat competition. In other words, you can wear the leather holster, fall off your horse, out of a canoe, or just stumble in the brush and the pistol will stay in place. 

A friend of ours even did the ultimate holster test: He walked and swam with his holstered S&W 686, while chasing a run away jet boat. Our leather holster retained his gun. For more examples of the retention capabilities look at the customer testimonials page.

As the our name indicates, each leather holster is a simple design, but also very rugged and will protect the gun. We developed the removable “Inside/Out,” add on belt loops which allow you to quickly and inexpensively convert your holster to a secure, comfortable, IWB holster.

Our leather holsters, leather gun belts and leather gun accessories are made from vat dyed, struck through, Hermman Oak leather. A rich cordovan (oxblood) or black and then top coated with a satin clear coat to further protect the leather. We also offer an oiled tan (natural) with a clear top coat.

We also have a limited amount of exotic skins to choose from depending on the market.  You will need to use the Contact Page to ask for more details regarding this option. 

We offer a conversion system that allows you to carry your belt holster on your chest or under your arm: “The Chesty Puller,” named after the most highly decorated Marine in the 20th Century.
Customer service is the most important part of our business. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, if you need adjustments, or repairs we will gladly make them.

Thanks for taking a look. Please use our Contact Page to communicate any questions you may have.

The Simply Rugged Crew


Hermann Oak® Leather Co. was started by Lewis Charles Hermann in St. Louis, Missouri in 1881 to serve the local harness trade. Three more generations of Hermanns have followed in Lewis’s footsteps to bring the finest quality vegetable leathers to market. The tanning process has not changed much through the years. They still use the finest natural tree bark in their tanning liquors for richness and texture. And, each side is soaked in ground-vats and hand-worked for smooth, consistent and firm results.


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Rob, Best Wishes to you and All the folks at “Simply Rugged” for a Happy and Memorable Christmas and New Year.  May your New Year be one of good fortune and good health for ALL.  I will be contacting you for a holster for my newly acquired Ruger SR1911 Commander 45 ACP.  Thank you for providing  “top shelf quality” holsters at an affordable price made in America by Americans that care!    Harold “Hal” Fritz, Medal of Honor, Army-Vietnam & satisfied Simply Rugged customer.

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