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Testimonial: I have used a Simply Rugged holster for two of my pistols for over four years. One is for my primary concealed carry pistol,an H&K P7. I asked for a thumb-break design with inside the waistband straps, there were some initial fitting issue that were handled very professionally, and what was finally delivered works perfectly. Once my pistol is loaded, I place it in the holster and it stays there trigger covered until I remove either to shoot at the range or to clean it for maintenance. (Thus far I have never had to use it in an emergency, and I hope it stay that way) I have rigged a gun belt next to my bed and in my truck and using the inside the waist band straps, I can mount my pistol bed-side or in my truck, or concealed on my body. My loaded pistol never leaves the holster as I move it from place to place. It is always ready and yet is always safe. Perfect. Wayne Lubbock, TX

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