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Welcome to Simply Rugged

As the name indicates, each holster is a simple design, but they are also very rugged and will protect the firearm while you are out in the field or carrying concealed. Holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold it in place whether you are riding horse back, on your 4-wheeler, snow machine, fly fishing or hiking on a trail through the woods. For more examples of the retention capabilities look at our customer testimonials page. Our leather is dyed a rich cordovan color and then top coated with a clear coat to further protect the leather.

Customer service is the most important part of our business. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, if you need adjustments or repairs, we will gladly make them or refund your money upon return of the product.

Thanks for taking a look. E-mail us with any questions you may have.

Rob and Jan Leahy, owners

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Hi Rob,

I want to let you know that yesterday I received the holster and speed strips for my S & W model 66 in good order. Thank you for your fast and friendly service. I am looking forward to trying it out, and in the short time I was able to wear it with my revolver, I was delighted by your build design and quality. I will let you know how the IWB loops work for me as well; thank you for including them. I showed the holster to three of my coworkers and two indicated they would be contacting you to place an order soon.

Also, soon I will be back in touch to order a pocket protector.

Many thanks,
Andrew H

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More Kudos

Jeff Quinn on the Public Defender - click to read full article

"Rob makes excellent pancake style holsters. They will be appearing in my articles on the Redhawk 4" and Alaskan .44 magnum and hopefully also in Gun Digest 2008." (It made it!)
John Taffin (Guns, American Handgunner magazines, Gun Digest)

“I carried the Mountain Gun in a simple but rugged and very practical holster built by custom holster maker Rob Leahy. It is of a pancake design, and is built of quality hand-boned leather with expert craftsmanship”
Jeff Quinn,
(The Simply Rugged Holsters™ name came from this article)

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