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Rob, Got the holsters today. They look great and fit is perfect. Thank you.
Ron L.

I received my Classic style revolver holster a few days ago. I must say, this is the perfect holster for my S&W Model 66. Thanks to the folks at Simply Rugged for first class craftsmanship and customer service
Alan B.
I wear mine on the ATVs and tractors. Excellent method of carry, gun is accessible and doesn't hang up on the equipment.
John K

Love this Chesty Puller rig. I use mine whenever I am riding my motorcycle. I have one of your 1911 Cuda pancake Holsters with it and carry a very special Kimber Super Carry Custom i got from a cherished friend and Brother!
Matt O

I have several of Rob Leahy's holsters and just ordered another on for my Smith M13 3” 357 mag. Now I have to order another one for my M13 4”
Jim J

I’ve owned a lot of leather throughout the years but I gotta say I like the stuff you’re making the best. Damn fine work
Derek C
Glad to hear it. I’ve got Milt Sparks, Tucker gunleather, Wright leatherworks, Wild bills, etc. They’ve all been sitting on my holster shelf for awhile now!

The best ones out there.

Thank you for your work, your gun leather is the best to be had anywhere at any price.
Sam B.
I love the holster that just arrived.  I picked up a 1977 S&W Model 19-3 a while back.  It was at S&W for months for some repairs and a re-blue.  It arrived back two days before the holster which is perfect.  I really like how everything turned out and the work on the holster is fantastic.  I am going to enjoy carrying this combo.  Thanks, and kudos for making such quality products.  
Gary J
Here's a photo of my Ruger Super Bearcat ensconced in your Silver Dollar Pancake at Rattlesnake House Pueblo in the Agua Fria National Monument this weekend. Carries like a dream, unnoticed until needed.
Michael B.
How did you hear about us:

Don’t remember but I get a new gun ,I order a holster.!!
Notes: Thanks again, have a number of your holsters now. Love them!
Tom N
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