Dear Rob,
I received my silver dollar pancake holster in oxblood with basket weave along with the Most Versatile ammo pouch that matches for my S&W 642.  All I can say is these are the same excellent quality that you are known for. This was my second order and won't be my last. I just need to get one your belts to complete my EDC setup.
Thank you
Jim T
Rob my new holster for the X frame is here and it is a beauty. No other holster can carry that big gun so comfortably. Thank you my friend. J.Michael
just received my sourdough pancake holster on Saturday the quality and
and workman ship are second to none could not be happier.
                             Thank You
                                 Owen M.
I have been using simply rugged leather for 13 or 14 years or longer now. I use at least 1 SR everyday. Most of the time 2.
Tony B

Just wanted to tell you I love my new holster!! It is exactly what I was wanting, nothing more. Perfect fit and quality workmanship! I will be ordering again. Thank you. Item ordered: Silver dollar pancake for Ruger SP101
Brian S.
I recieved my "Silver dollar" holster and for the second time, I am well pleased with it and the entire process.
Im certain it will provide a secure and comfortable carry option for many years.
I want to tell anyone debating wether or not to take a chance with a " Simply Rugged" holster, that the two I have are both excellent in all regards!
 Thank you to all.
Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged holsters........I received a package from you today. Awesome. More to come.
This is an awesome holster Rob, it makes carrying the Ruger American comfortable and easy.  Haven't tried it IWB yet, but I really want to thank you for such an excellent product!
Dave B
I spoke with you on the phone this afternoon to say what a great holster I received from you, but wanted to put it in writing. 
I have purchased a lot of holsters over the years, and I mean a lot, for competition, outdoors and law enforcement. I have holsters from every major manufacturer and some custom as well. Too many to count. Leather, kydex, nylon, combinations of materials, you name it. I tend to prefer kydex for my working holsters, but I prefer leather for my outdoor big bore revolvers. This may change me over to leather for good. 
The thing that sets your holster apart is the design, dimensions and attention to detail. It is the perfect ride height for the cylinder, the right fit, the right angle, the perfect draw and the fact I can switch between strong side, cross draw AND IWB is, well amazing. Not only that but you made it for me in LEFT Hand. Do you know how hard it is to find good quality holsters in left hand? Did I mention it looks terrific? What a fair price to pay for such a great product. With holsters, the devil is in the minute details and design, and you nailed it. You are great at what you do. 
I couldn't be happier and having worn this around for most of the day today without noticing the weight of a 44oz. Ruger Kodiak Backpacker, plus ammo, is just plain great. I actually do backpack a lot, at least 20 outings a year all over Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. This holster will perform great, hold up well and will go with me on those trips. It is as sturdy as my Ruger and I have no doubt both will outlast me. Heck yeah, I will be buying more.
Thank you.
Brian A.
Denver, CO