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As the name indicates, each leather gun holster is a simple design, but they are also very rugged and will protect the firearm while you are out in the field or carrying concealed. Our leather holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold it in place whether you are riding horse back, on your ATV, snow machine, fly fishing or hiking on a trail through the woods. For more examples of the retention capabilities look at our https://www.simplyrugged.com/testimonials.cfm.

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New Guns In Inventory

We are constantly adding new guns to offer our customers & friends more options for Simply Rugged Holsters. S&W Shield 2.0 w/laser, S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, Ruger Security 9, CZ P10C, & Springfield XDE. Coming Soon; S&W Shield EZ and SIG 365...and more!


Okay, I figured you were blowing sunshine up my kilt with the talk of how much your quality had improved recently.  Not as if I don't wear your leather on a daily basis and don't already have two of the most beautiful custom holsters in the planet, courtesy of you..

My bad.

This new set is beyond beautiful.  Thank you for an incredible piece of work. Every bit worthy of the LNS Model 29 that now resides in it.

Thank you for yet another incredible holster.  Guess I'll be back in touch when I can afford another masterpiece.



Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat.

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