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As the name indicates, each leather gun holster is a simple design, but they are also very rugged and will protect the firearm while you are out in the field or carrying concealed. Our leather holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold it in place whether you are riding horse back, on your ATV, snow machine, fly fishing or hiking on a trail through the woods. For more examples of the retention capabilities look at our https://www.simplyrugged.com/testimonials.cfm.

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Hi: Everyone likes a new play pretty, and people often review their new holster in glowing terms, without ever having used it much. This review is just the opposite. I have used my sourdough pancake holster, belt, and cartridge holder for a few years now. All three have proven to be durable, user friendly, and in the case of the pancake, I get better concealment on my belt from this holster than any other, and believe me I have tried most of them. These items also fulfill my sense of truth and beauty, thank you very much. The only tiny thing I would change is that the keeper loop on the belt is cheesy. I took it off and don’t need it anyway, and it is a niggling point not worthy of mention unless designing an improvement. Your products stand the test of time and usage – a rare combination these days. Thank you.


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