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Charter Arms Leather Holsters

Simply Rugged holsters for Charter Arms Revolvers

Charter Arms Single & Double Action Revolver Holsters

Silver Dollar Pancake - This is a scaled down Sourdough Pancake designed for the smallest revolvers only (see drop down list for "Gun Model"). The holster is designed to be worn strong side or crossdraw. The bottom of holster is open to allow grit, fuzz, water, etc. to pass through instead of going down your barrel. Like it’s big brother, the Sourdough, the Silver Dollar comes standard with 3 belt slots, 1.75" wide.

The Silver Dollar Pancake is a perfect choice for both Single and double action Charter Arms Revolvers

Click here to order the Silver Dollar Pancake
Cattleman -  The Cattleman offers almost the same full protection to your gun as the Sourdough, but in a more traditional format. This is probably a better option for thinner men and women rather than a large pancake holster. Whether you go to the range to practice and compete or ride the range for solitude and peace of mind, you’ll enjoy the Cattleman.

The Cattleman is a perfect choice for both Single and double action Charter Arms Revolvers

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Tribute - A fitting memorial to Roy Baker, of Magnolia Arkansas, the father of the Pancake holster design. Roy’s Hidden Thunder concept allowed detectives, off duty police officers and concealed weapons toting citizens to easily wear and conceal large autoloaders and big revolvers. The Tribute is very similar to Roy Baker’s pancake holsters, but we make them from thicker high quality leather. These holsters protect the gun very well.

The Tribute is a perfect choice for double action Charter Arms Revolvers.

Click here to order the Tribute
Pocket Protector - We make this for just about every gun model you can fit into a pocket or briefcase. This works best with small pocket autos like the 3AT  or LCP and small 5 shot 38's. This allows for the safe carry of your small pistol in your pants pocket, the trigger guard is covered.

The Pocket Protector is a great choice for the Single action Charter Arms Revolver.

Click here to order the Pocket Protector
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Sir, the Eldorado surf &turf holster you made for HD 38-44 is beyond expectations, or to put it simply ~ beautiful! Your work is so appreciated, and quality like this very much not the norm from others. Money well spent for a quality American made product by an American craftsman.
Carl R

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