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Just about the time before the scamdemic hit I asked for and received some expert opinions…I finally have a format to publish them.

> As a lifelong adventurer, hunter, outdoorsman and competitive shooter, I’ve found Simply Rugged holsters and leather goods to be not only outstanding in workmanship and quality, but obviously from designs developed during a lifetime in the Outdoors. Rob and Jan Leahy have lived the life, walked the walk, and now make products they have personally tested and approved available for the rest of us to use, enjoy, and trust our very lives to. Simple, Rugged, Genuine, and Effective, all while being aesthetically pleasing.
> Andy Larsson, Lifetime Montanan, Gun Smith for 45 years, Competitive Shooter, 1998 NRA Pistol Champion, 1999 National Centerfire Pistol Champion, Owner of

What can I say about Simply Rugged?
Before plastic became universal, there was a time when guns were made from steel, when smiths hand polished the internal parts that nobody would see, because that’s how things were done. Those guns were carried in Rugged leather holsters that were hand fitted and tooled, the same way Simply Rugged does it today.

Brandon Trevino

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

 Jeff Quinn was the first to coin the phrase Simply Rugged and it stuck. Ruggedly Refined would be a better name now. From backwoods bummin’ to BBQ gun, all your holster needs are covered.
Jeff “Tank” Hoover

For the professional or common everyday armed responsible citizen at arms you can count on Rob Leahy’s Simply Rugged.
Durable, functional and good looking leather that will serve you well and protect the tools you and your loved ones rely upon.
In town or in the field, the name says it all; Simply Rugged kit.
W.F. O’Hara
LtCol USMC (Ret)
Prescott AZ

Simply Rugged produces the finest holsters and belts I’ve ever seen. One and done, every time. I’ve carried openly and concealed, on and off duty, on a few different continents. You can beat the hell out of Rob’s gear and it will take the abuse for however long you dish it out.

If you want the exotic, fancy holster that will make everyone at the BBQ jealous, he can definitely handle that for you as well. The sky’s the limit for Rob and his crew; excellent craftsmanship.

Jared Dugger
USMC (Ret.)
Texas State Guard

My simply rugged holster is the only holster I own for my S&W 657. A few years back I had a horse that got tired of me being on her. She went over backwards on me, broke my saddle, I was bruised, but my 657 was safely in my simply rugged holster. Elliott Owen

We live in a internet world where everything is at your fingertips! Make sure you spend your money where your morals are!
I’m honored to be able to do business with such a honorable family owned company!
“Simply Rugged-Simply Phenomenal”

Tyler Gun Works
Bobby Tyler
Bobby Tyler & friends all using Tyler Gunworks guns and Simply Rugged Gunleather. at Gunsite while moving Fink's Customs into the Gunsmithy. We spent a day on the range when the work was done.


I’ve been using Simply Rugged holsters for years. Now, my son has purchased — and regularly wears — Simply Rugged holsters around his property. The son followed the father for quality, uncommon designs, utility, and value — all Simply Rugged.
Rich Grassi
Founder & Editor, The Tactical Wire, Content Manager, Shooting Wire
Outdoor Wire Digital Network

Simply Rugged Holsters are the perfect mix of function, form, beauty and affordability in a leather holster. Each is handcrafted with a perfect fit providing optimum protection with a true custom leather look and feel. Rob and Simply Rugged Holsters are the epitome of what’s best about the gun industry, great company with great people making it work.

Dave Bahde
Police LT (retired), Gunsite Instructor, Subject Matter Expert, Consultant and Gun Media Professional

I first me Rob Leahy, several years ago while dining with Gunsite’s, Ed Head. Our discussions were enlightening, as we both have a military police background, with our service long behind us.

Since then, I’ve purchased many holsters and accessories from Simply Rugged, all of best quality and excellent fit. I’m wearing a Sourdough for a Ruger LCR, as I write this note!

A good man, running a good honest company!

Lew Gosnell
(LA retired area LEO, Gunsite Range Master Marine MP, Winner of the first ever Cowboy action Shoot and Soldier of Fortune 3 gun match as well as many GSSF matches. Edit)

some of Lew's gunleather

Mike Detty at Gunsite, using Simply Rugged Gunleather

Ed Head Wearing Simply Rugged Gunleather

Ed Head teaching a lever action class

Jeffro & Simply Rugged Gunleather

Ken Campbell teaching with Simply Rugged Gunleather
Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite with Simply Rugged GunleatherScott T at Simply Rugged



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