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Split Six Speed Loader Pouch - Leather Ammo Pouch

Gun Model
Border Stamping (+$20.00)
Basket Weave (+$25.00)
Stamping examples

Before you order this, look at the Sidewinder Speed Loader Pouch, I have found it to be superior in ever way. It's also priced less.

The  "Split 6"  style speed loader straddles your belt securely in our sturdy leather pouch.
We highly recommend the Most Versatile Pouch and a Quick Strip for most concealed carry.

Order  Guide:

38/357 x8 round moon clip: S&W TRR8, 327, 627 & Taurus 608 etc.
1 45 ACP x 6 full moon clip: S&W N, Colt 1917, custom Redhawk in 45 ACP
6 or 7 shot L frame: S&W L frames for either 6 or 7 shot 357's, 5 shot 44's, Ruger GP100's Colt Python, Lawman .357 etc .
5 shot .38:.38 caliber/6 shot .32 for S&W J or Taurus 85/605, Charter Arms Off Duty, etc.
6 shot 38 K: 6 round 38 spl/32 for S&W K or medium framed revolvers, Taurus 66, Ruger Security 6, Dan Wesson 15 etc.
Large frame S&W N etc:  For 6 shot 44s 41, 45's 357's etc. and the newer 8 shot 357's. Fits Ruger Redhawk, Super Redhawk Dan Wesson 44/45 colt, Taurus M44 Raging Bull etc.

Made specifically for 1.75" belts and HKS Speed loaders.