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Silver Dollar Pancake™- (SMALL FRAME REVOLVERS) - Leather Concealed Carry Holster

Right or Left Hand
Gun Model
Inside The Waistband Straps - Pair (includes holes) (+$15.00)
Punch Inside/Out Holes (I already have the straps from another holster) (+$10.00)
Removable Hammer Strap (+$25.00)
Border Stamping (+$5.00)
Basket Weave (+$25.00)
Fish Scale Embossing (+$25.00)
Floral Carving (+$60.00)
Celtic Knot Carving (+$60.00)
wildebeest covered (+$60.00)
with Chesty Puller Harness (+$60.00)
N Fused Gun Lubricant (+$8.00)
Black Bison (+$60.00)
Cape Buffalo (+$70.00)
Oxblood Cape Buffalo Hide (+$70.00)
Black Alligator (+$190.00)
Black Elephant Hide (+$190.00)
Black Shark Skin (+$190.00)
Brown Alligator Belly (+$190.00)
Stamping examples

Silver Dollar Pancake - Leather Concealment Holster - FOR SMALL FRAMED REVOLVERS

This is a scaled down Sourdough Pancake, leather concealment holster, designed for the smallest  frame revolvers only (see drop down list for "Gun Model"). It is not for snub nosed large frame revovers.

  • Designed to be worn strong side or crossdraw
  • Bottom of holster is open to allow grit, fuzz, water, etc. to pass through
  • Made with 3 belt slots, 1.75" wide
  • Can be worn inside the waistband or outside the waistband
  • For deeper concealment & quick on off convenience, get the bolt on “Inside The Waistband Straps.”
  • Retention is provided by the molding of the leather and stitching
  • Leather encases gun to give it full protection
  • Available in tan, oxblood and black

To view a list of guns that we can make this holster for, click here to view our gun chart. Read more about the Silver Dollar Pancake™ here and here.
I have found that attaching the iwb straps to the front of the revolver holster allows for a deeper carry.(Rob)
Ruger's Single Six, Single Seven, etc are made on the Sourdoough pattern.

If you select one of the exotic hidess, please don't select any tooling, it does not work.
*We DO NOT offer the hammer strap on hammerless guns like the Ruger LCR, S&W M-37 M-40, etc.

Hammer Straps
 The long tail of the strap makes it faster as you can chop your hand up under during the draw. or even use it with gloves on, just like Elmer Kieth intended.

NOTE: Floral or Celtic knot carving do not work well with black, oxblood. Fishscale is not  available option for Celtic carving.  Border stamping does not complement Floral carving.