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Holsters, Gun Belts, Ammo Pouches and Accessories


These belts are the very best on the market your money can buy, to support your firearm in the field or in the office.  Designed to work together with your holster, ammo pouch and any other accessories you choose to carry around your waist. 

The Real Man's belt is made of a single strip of heavy steer hide.  The single strip of leather is a proven, durable material that will last through the toughest conditions.  We finish it off with solid brass hardware to compliment the rich colors of leather. 

The Simply Rugged Laminated leather belt is two pieces of leather, glued and sewn together to make a strong, great looking belt for carrying your gun and everyday wear.  This leather gun belt provides an even stronger belt for supporting your Simply Rugged leather pancake holster.  Belt is also finished with solid brass hardware.  Complete your Simply Rugged gear with this quality product.