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Apple and Responsive Design

by sa • April 15, 2014

Apple has always had a funny relationship with responsive design. They’ve only sparingly used media queries to make minor visual tweaks on important pages, like their current homepage.

Though a “handcrafted for all devices” approach seems like the “Apple way,” it’s almost as if they’ve avoided it because of the iPhone’s original pitch—giving users the ability to pinch and zoom their way through the “full” web, as opposed to being shuttled off to the mobile web.

Apple could afford that stubbornness when the only thing running iOS was the 3.5-inch iPhone. Over the past few years, though, they’ve introduced the 10-inch iPad, the 4-inch iPhone, the 7-inch iPad mini, and reports point to an even larger iPhone coming this fall.

The approach that Apple and their community of developers have taken to build apps for these new device sizes closely resembles the way we did it for the web over the last decade or so: adaptive first, then slowly building to responsive.

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Hi Rob,

Thank you, sir, so very much!  My holsters for my Ruger LCR and my Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV came this week.  I just gotta tell you they are both beyond beautiful!!  The fit, the finish, the color (tan), the leather and certainly the master craftsmanship are all absolutely perfect.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about either holster.  They can’t get any better.

Since I had bought two other holsters from you previously I knew to expect first rate product.   These last two are in natural tan.  All the colors are very good looking but my favorite for now is the natural tan.  Just beautiful!

Rob, thank you so much for making such a quality product! Your work is strictly Top Shelf merchandise!  I am a recurring and very satisfied customer! 


Barney D

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