SHOT SHOW New Product or an new version of a proven design

We were notified on Christmas Eve that there was a small booth available for us at the SHOT Show.

This came as a surprise as there is a waiting list to attend. We would need new catalogs, cards, price sheets, a display stand, hundreds of holsters, belt, , ammo pouches, shirts, lodging, transportation, set up, tear down, etc. With the help from some friends and professionals we made it and had a great display of several hundred holsters.

Many of our friends stopped by and we made lots of new friends and contacts within the industry.

We have been experimenting withe the Basic Cuda Pancake design. The results have been pleasing so far a clip on tuck-able re enforced mouth comfortable inside the waist band holster and a  re-enforced mouth belt and inside the waist band straps. This makes for a strong side and cross draw belt holster and a inside the waistband holster. Further it can be adapted to our Chester Puller System for chest carry.  The DEFCON 3 is versatile concealable and comfortable. One holster for many uses. starting at 85.00, it is very affordable.

Sown in it's on the belt configuration this holster comes standard with our inside the waist band straps

Sown in it’s on the belt configuration the DEFCON3 holster comes standard with our inside the waist band straps




Several Friends stopped by at the same time. Many were still Sober…