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Celtic Knot work By Rick Gittlein. The backgrounds and patterns will vary.

Celtic carving on a Silver Dollar Pancake and a Most Versatile Pouch.

A border stamped Sourdough with hammer strap. The border is hand stamped for a simple decoration. Also shown are the inside the waistband straps as shipped.




Basket weave stamping.

Fish scale stamping, the border is part of the pattern.











Shark skin laminated to steer hide, very attractive and tough.

A tan Field & Stream Pancake; Tan is plain oil tanned leather it highlights the texture and natural beauty of the leather, it does not bleed and is easy to maintain. Tan leather makes you look more handsome and virile.

Oxblood: the ancient color of naturally tanned leather. The Color of the Roman legions! The color of champions! The Color of vanquished foes…

Black… looks cool to your pals at the mall security both.
Black dyed leather looks very close to plastic.

How the inside out straps work. Look at the Silver Dollar Photo gallery for more pictures.

This picture indicates how the Inside out straps work . This is also a good illustration of a proper draw . The muzzle will not cross the shooter’s left hand bu the left hand is in place to grasp the gun as it is brought into position.
Photo by Adam Attia

Send correct barrel measurements & model names or numbers NOT factory catalog numbers EI; 7.5″ Super Redhawk tells me what I need to know; KSRH-7454 does not.

Look at the gun chart to see if we can build for your gun model.  You can also use our website search engine.

If you need to add to your order before it has shipped you can use the direct payment button on the bottom of the page it does not add shipping that way. LEAVE NOTES when you use that.

Q: What is your turn around time on an order?

A: Look at the top of the c\Store page for current turn around. If you add floral or Celtic carving to your holster, it will take approximately4- 6 weeks to receive your order. If you need it NOW look at the gear to go or e-mail us with your specific request.

Q: When is payment expected?

A: At the time you place your order.

Q: How do you ship my order?

A: USPS Priority Mail. It takes approximately 3-5 business days to arrive at your address. You may have it shipped to a PO Box or street address.  Shipping charge is $11/order to anywhere in the USA (including AK and HI).  Please call or e-mail us for a quote on International Shipping. Tracking information is automatically  sent to the e-mail that you provide. If you don’t receive tracking info you either didn’t provide it, it went into your spam filter or the US post office failed in some way.

Q:  I live in the area, can I come by and pick up my order?

A: We do not offer local pick up, it is quicker and easier to receive your order via US mail.  We do not have a public location for you to visit.

Our sales tax is 6.35% instead of 9.35% or 11.55% (Coconino County) for AZ orders, if the order is bought and shipped to an AZ address.

Q: What is a pancake holster?

A: Two pieces of leather stacked on top of each other, usually round or ovate, this allows for a very flat profile holster that when worn applies tension to the gun. The concept was developed by Roy Baker, of Magnolia Arkansas, around 1958.

Q: How do I protect and preserve the leather?

A::Lexol or neatsfoot oil will restore and rejuvenate the leather. A good top coat or sealant like Tan coat or Lexol (available at Tandy Leather stores) will help restore luster and seal the pores of the leather.  A little shoe polish will restore the color (Cordovan).  Apply a little neutral shoe polish to the belt slot if the holster and belt squeak. If your holster gets wet apply a little olive oil before the leather dries out. Or Lexol if it has dried.

Q: Are the inside-the-waistband straps removable, so you could wear it outside if you wanted to, or permanently mounted to the holster?

A: Yes, they bolt on so you can remove or add them easily.

Q: How many belt slots?

A: Most pancake holsters come with 3 belt slots standard. This allows for multiple angles of carry.On the subcompact autos I have started just making 2 wide slots as these are far more comfortable to use.   I build these primarily for wearing on a heavy trouser belt, either 1-1/2” (the most common belt width) or 1-3/4” (the widest that will fit through jeans, BDUs or Carhart belt loops). This helps one to carry a heavy gun comfortably all day. One can use various ammo pouches with this type of rig. I like to carry a single speed loader and six cartridges in a slide for spare ammo. This is how I carry my guns in the field.

Q: Do I need a removable hammer strap?

A: No. The pancake design will hold your pistol securely without a retention strap.  I do not encourage the Hammer Strap for general carry. If you sky dive, fly high G acrobatics or ride motorcycles inside a metal cage, THEN you might need a hammer strap. My holsters are designed and built to retain your pistol when worn on a proper belt without a mechanical latch or strap.

I have carried my heavy 44’s and 45s in the mountains of north Idaho, deserts of Arizona and the sea and tundra (including the hellish alder thickets that snatched my pocket knife and mosquito net from my pockets) and my holster have always retained my pistol. Even while falling out of a boat and going for a swim (in the interests of science, of course).

I do not offer the hammer strap straps on hammerless guns like the Ruger LCR, Taurus Public Defender, S&W M-38 M-40 (and the other hammerless guns).

cattlemen 013

The hammer strap does not in any way impede the draw of the gun, if you understand the simple design concept behind the long straps: Elmer Keith developed this for the original Lawrence 120 holster; the long tail of the strap allows one to sweep his hand up under the strap during the draw. this unsnaps the strap and flings it up and out of the way. Those little stumps of leather other makers use require a slow two motion draw. This long tail style allows a smooth/fast single motion draw.

Q:  What do you recommend for a pistol with a backpack?

A: My personal favorite for carrying a gun while back packing is a Sourdough with the Chesty Puller Conversion System. One can wear the holster on the chest and have it easily accessible even with a heavy pack on and you have the option of placing the holster on your belt when the pack is off. I find it so comfortable that I generally just keep the pistol on the chest straps.

Q: Do you line your holsters?

I confirmed this with John Bianchi, and he agrees; soft lining is detrimental to a gun’s finish.

A:. A properly fitted holster will go farther towards preventing excessive finish wear than any lining. I don’t really feel it is necessary or beneficial.  If you have a high dollar gun it is somewhat reassuring to have a lined holster. I wouldn’t bother at all with a stainless or plastic gun. Soft suede, deer, elk or pigskin is detrimental in the long run.  I have yet to find a lining (no mater the holster maker) that does prevent wear to the finish, and in fact some of the softer linings actually accelerate wear by retaining grit. Skeeter Skelton wrote about this 40 years ago and nothing that I see has changed.

The other part of this is that the silicone treated vegetable tanned flesh side of leather is pretty easy on the gun’s finish as it is.

Small of the Back?

There are several good reasons why I don’t offer/recommend SOB Carry:  This article best mirrors my experience and thoughts please read it


For you short attention span types the article is titled paraplegia…

Q:  If not satisfied or a product is defective, how do I return items?

A: Please call or e-mail before returning items for any reason.  Refunds are subject to inspection upon return and a 15% surcharge.  After 30 days, the order is non-returnable.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for anything at any time.
  • If you are a deploying GI, please call or e-mail us before you order.

Click here for gun/holster fitting information

Please e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about what we can build for you.

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S&W Frame sizes
General Guidelines Not all inclusive
J frame
Blue/Nickle Stainless Alloy
34 63 51
36 60
637 37
38 638
40 640 340
42 642 342

K frame
10 64
13 65
17 617
19 66
N Frame
20 520 58
24 624
25 625 325
27 627 327
29 629 329

L frame
581 681
586 686
696 396
x frame