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Single Magazine Pouch - Leather Ammo Pouch

Gun Model
Border Stamping (+$10.00)
Basket Weave (+$15.00)
Fish Scale Embossing (+$15.00)
Full Coverage Floral carving (+$20.00)
Celtic Carving (+$20.00)
Stamping examples
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Floral Tooled

Always carry a reload. You carry a gun for protection, don’t rationalize that you won’t need to reload. Deceptively simple, this magazine pouch is designed so that it can be worn either on the outside or under the belt, between the pants and belt. This allows for smoother lines and better concealment.
The toe is built to allow the magazine to be inserted either way in the pouch so that the bullet can always be pointed forward to facilitate a faster reload. Even when carrying two spare magazines, you should use two single pouches, being able to add or remove the second magazine, depending on the circumstances. We offer these for 1911s, double column magazines and the fat polymer magazines as well. We prefer the snap on these pouches as it is far easier to put on the belt this way.
I carry my Leatherman Wave in this style of pouch, made for a 1911 mag, it is very secure, very compact and handy.
If you do not see your particular gun's magazine here please call or email us to make sure we can make it. Leave notes as to what specific magazine you have.

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