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Loaded Pancake - Leather Holster

Item#: 004
Right or Left Hand
Gun Model
Removable Hammer Strap (+$15.00)
Border Stamping (+$5.00)
Basket Weave (+$25.00)
Fish Scale Embossing (+$25.00)
Floral Carving (+$60.00)
Celtic Knot Carving (+$60.00)
with Chesty Puller Harness (+$60.00)
Stamping examples
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Floral Carved Loaded Sourdough with hammer strap.

This holster with cartridge loops is designed for the outdoorsman that wants his gun and cartridges all in one package.
The Loaded Pancake shares many of the same design features as the Sourdough, we just took another Roy Baker Idea and applied it to our heavy duty pancakes. This is a very practical style for single action revolvers. As you can see in some of the pictures we have made some double row versions on 7.5" barreled and longer revolvers. E-mail for a quote and to ensure that it is feasible on your Loaded Pancake. Note: Floral or Celtic knot carving do not work well with black; oxblood or tan work better. Fishscale,  or border stamping is not  available option for Celtic knot work.

“Inside The Waistband Straps” DO NOT work with this holster.  This holster is not a good choice for concealed carry.  The Sourdough Pancake is the best choice for concealed carry with a spare ammo pouch.

We don’t offer the Loaded for .22LR/Mag pistols.  We do make a superior ammo pouch called the Most Versatile that will hold 2 10×22 cartridge Quick strips by Tuff Products. The allow for a rather speedy 2 x 2 x 2 reload and holds all of your ammo in one easy to hold group.

If you do not see your exact gun model and/or barrel length, please choose the closest model and type in the exact gun model and barrel length during check out. Thanks!


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