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Cattleman - Leather Holster

Item#: 009
Right or Left Hand
Gun Model
Belt slot width
Hammer Strap (+$15.00)
Hammer Thong (+$5.00)
Border Stamping (+$10.00)
Basket Weave (+$30.00)
Fish Scale Embossing (+$35.00)
Floral Carving (+$70.00)
Celtic Knot Carving (+$70.00)
Stamping examples
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Tan Border stamped

The Flavor of the Old West encompassed in a rugged, secure, field holster.

The Cattleman is the new and improved version of the Range Master mentioned on  It offers almost the same full protection to your gun as the Sourdough, but in a more traditional format. This is probably a better option for thinner men and women rather than a large pancake holster. Whether you go to the range to practice and compete or ride the range for solitude and peace of mind, you’ll enjoy the Cattleman. This is a good holster for Cowboy Action Shooting. After using the older design for almost a year, we have found some short comings and addressed them here with this more traditional holster. It offers more protection for the gun, rides lower and has better eye appeal. A secure, high ride heavy duty holster; your gun is in position for a quick, smooth, draw and effortless holstering. There is a molded in sight track so even shaded and patridge style front sight blades won’t snag.

Available with a hammer thong or a hammer strap, this holster is tightly molded to each model and barrel length for a great fit and retention. This has a fold over tunnel loop design that is snug and can be made for belts up to 2.5″ wide (standard is 1.75″).  Available for most SA and DA revolvers as well as most popular models of auto loaders.
Please think about the belt width that you order! If the belt slot is too big the holster will move around too much on the belt.


To view barrel measurement instructions and guns we can make this holster for click here to view gun chart.

If you do not see your exact gun model and /or barrel length, please choose the closest model and type in the exact gun model and barrel length during check out. Thanks!
We also build this for the TRR8 and the Thunder Ranch 325.

This is a great holster for women in the field, at the range, and concealed under a jacket or vest.

Note: Floral or Celtic knot carving do not work well with black, oxblood or tan work better.

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