Thanks for the great product and great customer service, you exceeded my expectations.

Rob, just received my new belt and it's fantastic.  When I placed the order I asked if it was possible to get it in time for a vacation and it did. Thanks for the great product and great customer service, you exceeded my expectations.  I'll be placing future holster orders. Best Regards, Doug H Salem, Or … [Read more...]

Boge Q

Good leather at a good price. Boge Q … [Read more...]

Bob L

Also, I'm very impressed with the pancake you built for my Redhawk. I never thought I would find something comfortable to carry that thing in, but this is it. On top of that, I carried it concealed out in public for the better part of a day, under a baggy shirt, and nobody was the wiser. I'm not an overly large person at 5'-9" and 200 ponds, but I hid this big gun well, even surprising my brother … [Read more...]

Dave S

I like your holster design; pure. simple functionality. Thanks again, Dave S … [Read more...]

Tom E

My wife doesn't even like guns, but she considers your holster to be a work of art. Thanks, Tom E … [Read more...]

Bob M

The holster arrived yesterday. THANK YOU! I really like it and hope the business continues to grow Bob M … [Read more...]

Scott M

Rob, Love my new holster and cartridge loop! Gun fit is great and the Oxblood color is tops. Cartridge loop is perfect Scott M … [Read more...]

Mark C

... IWB holster made by Rob Leahy... Simple, rugged, and very effective. Mark C. see the article: http://www.gunblast.com/Cassill_Bulldog.htm … [Read more...]


Just wanted to give you some feedback on the holsters you sent me. I've been using them constantly since they finally arrived. I like them all. :-) The IWB gets the nod for dress pants use, usually. The pancake gets used the most for jeans and the T3P gets carried every now and then when the mood strikes me. I think a bit more of a cant would enhance their conceivability with a square butt K-frame … [Read more...]

Keith K

Rob, I received my pancake holster and belt today, I am impressed with the quality of your work. I will be field testing them this weekend but I can tell already I'm going to love them. Once again thanks for such a quality product at a fair price. Keith K … [Read more...]