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Editor's Notebook: Ancient Weapons? Simply Rugged's new holster, the Shootist, has elements of old and new. The design pulls the gun in close to your side. Rob Leahy, proprietor of Simply Rugged Holsters - formerly of Alaska and now of Chino Valley, Ariz., and his media/sales guy Bruce Warren were discussing how good it would be to get the company employees some handgun training. … [Read more...]

Slowly, Reluctantly, Holster Your Firearm!

Dave Hartman, Marine /LEO Gunsite Instructor: Range commands after a drill: "Slowly, reluctantly, holster your firearm." BEST advice on holstering a gun I have ever heard. Slamming the gun home is a good way to end up with a couple extra holes in your leg. Slamming the gun home into the holster is the sign of a rank amateur. While running the clock on night the guy I was timing did quick run on … [Read more...]

My Gun Culture

The Simply Rugged Cuda is a combination inside-the-waistband (IWB) / outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster. By combination, I mean you can easily convert it from one to the other. Other designs on the market allow you to perform this exorcism by screwing and unscrewing clips or gun pouches or whatever. The Simply Rugged Cuda design has the conversion capability built-in – with no reconfiguration … [Read more...]

…Most Comfortabl;e All Day Wear Holster…

Hi Rob, I have waited to send a comment for a while since I have received my Cuda holster for my Springfield XD Subcompact .40SW. I wanted to break it in and take it to the range a couple of times so I could give a review that is meaningful. I have to tell you. This Cuda is the most comfortable all-day wear holster that I have ever owned. I have six other holsters for this weapon and none can … [Read more...]

Real Leather…

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New Gun Models in the Line Up; G-41& 42 …

Adding the S&W M69, Ruger GP100 Match Champion revolvers to our list as well as Double Tap 45 & 9mm Derringers, Beretta M92A1, Colt XSP, Glock 41 & 42S... IF YOU DON'T SEE IT HERE, ASK US. … [Read more...]

SHOT SHOW New Product or an new version of a proven design


We were notified on Christmas Eve that there was a small booth available for us at the SHOT Show. This came as a surprise as there is a waiting list to attend. We would need new catalogs, cards, price sheets, a display stand, hundreds of holsters, belt, , ammo pouches, shirts, lodging, transportation, set up, tear down, etc. With the help from some friends and professionals we made it and had a … [Read more...]

120 Holster

We are retiring the 120 from the regular line up. I started with it and the Sourdough. The Cattleman has really eclipsed the 120 essentially the same holster with more protection for the gun. The superior coverage and retention of the Cattleman approaches our Sourdough Pancake holsters.  If you want a Celtic of Floral tooled Tom Three Persons, they are 150.00. Send an e-mail and Rick Gittlein will … [Read more...]

Long Hunter/Sourdough Consolidation

If you are looking for the Long Hunter, you will find it in the Sourdough Holster line up. They are cut from the same patterns and only differ in the whether or not you want the toe of the holster sewn closed. On shorter holsters we don't sew the toe shut to allow the easy passage of water and/or debris. On the longer holsters there is a chance that while sitting on the ground, mud or snow … [Read more...]

Christmas is Comming…don’t wait to order

Long Hunters 003

I dread to even mention Christmas but, if you want a carved ot custom holster, don't wait until the the week before to order it. 4-6 week is the window for Celtic or floral tooled holsters...All of our standard holsters are currently availble in a 2-3 week turn around as of this week. We have some of our part timers going tio full time at the end of the semester, so we will have more help in … [Read more...]