Rob, Got the XDs holster yesterday. Fits perfectly and looks great. For the past 3 years I've been replacing all my holsters with Simply Rugged. That way, no matter what gun I carry, they ride the same and perform the same. I know what to expect each time I draw and re-holster the gun. The quality is top-notch. Y'all do a great job. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says So whether you eat or drink … [Read more...]

These belts are amazing!

Rob, I received the belts! As with your holsters, you consistently build the highest quality gear! These belts are amazing! Doug C … [Read more...]

what a bargain at this price point for custom leather.

Hello I wanted to let you know how happy I am with this holster you made me for my Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum 2” barrel. It carries so well and I hardly notice it on my hip. This is a pic of me over the Independence Day holiday hiking up near Sutton, Alaska. I will forward later the ones of me using the Chesty Puller on my Ural.Thank you for a great product for the money, what a bargain at this … [Read more...]

Quick turnaround very secure…

Rob, Ordered a Sourdough Pancake for my new Bisley SBH 3.75" on Sunday and got it today (Friday) in the mail. I'm impressed. The work is flawless, the oxblood is beautiful and I thought the price was excellent. The Ruger fits perfectly and stays in place even upside down (and at three pounds)! It's nice to know there are still companies out there that do great work and have great customer … [Read more...]

…Most Comfortabl;e All Day Wear Holster…

Hi Rob, I have waited to send a comment for a while since I have received my Cuda holster for my Springfield XD Subcompact .40SW. I wanted to break it in and take it to the range a couple of times so I could give a review that is meaningful. I have to tell you. This Cuda is the most comfortable all-day wear holster that I have ever owned. I have six other holsters for this weapon and none can … [Read more...]

Walther Police Pistol Slim Cuda Pancake

I received a cuda in oxblood color and border stamping for my Walther pps and find this a very nicely crafted holster. retention is very snug making me feel confident in carry. since it rides higher than my old yaqui slide belt holster it does not have to be worn cross draw position for automobile use as it really doesn't interfere with my seatbelt at all . nice work! … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Quality

Dear Mr. Leahy,                            When I ordered my Sourdough Pancake holster I was expecting to wait several weeks for delivery, I was surprised to receive my order in only a few days! I am an older shooter and have trouble manipulating some autos. I generally carry a S&W 64 3",not a common holster size. I am very happy with the quality and function of you product.Several of my … [Read more...]

Gun free? Not me!

Gun free? Not me! I make no apologies; Get trained Go armed. Man's laws or signs or rules or corporate policies will not keep you safe from bad men with a will to kill. Current Projects A compact, covered belt holster for Aimpoint's RMR sight mounted on autos and revolvers. We have picked up several more small dealers in the greater Phoenix Area and other states around the US. If you … [Read more...]

Real Leather…

[Read more...]

New Gun Models in the Line Up; G-41& 42 …

Adding the S&W M69, Ruger GP100 Match Champion revolvers to our list as well as Double Tap 45 & 9mm Derringers, Beretta M92A1, Colt XSP, Glock 41 & 42S... IF YOU DON'T SEE IT HERE, ASK US. … [Read more...]